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In this video Dr. Wolfgang Singer describes the background and purpose of this introductory workshop about clinical autonomic testing.


This is really meant as an introduction to clinical autonomic testing. If you have your own lab, if you’re already up and running and doing well, you probably should better enjoy the beach. But if you are interested in possibly opening a lab, looking a little bit into further expanding your knowledge on autonomic testing, the background physiology, and how to practically test a patient actually and see that life here in person then you’re in the right place and we love to have you here.

This is an abbreviated version, really, of a workshop that we have been giving at Mayo for over 20 years. Every couple of years or so we have been putting a workup up for practitioners interested in opening the own autonomic lab and giving some general guidance. That is a two to three-day workshop, so a little more intense and in-depth. We don’t have the time for all that here, this is sort of a starter, beginner of that to give you some sense of what we do, and if you’re interested feel free to let us know and we’ll be happy to sign us up for the more intense workshop at our institution as well.

Dr. Wolfgang Singer, M.D.
Wolfgang Singer, MD

Associate Professor of Neurology
Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN

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