Featured Video of the Week: Autoimmunity & Autonomic Failure

This week’s Featured Video of the Week features Dr. Steven Vernino.  Dr. Vernino is a neurologist by training and currently practices in Texas.  Dr. Vernino states that most medical training programs do not solely focus on the autonomic nervous system due to it being a field that falls between different specialties.  He explains that autoimmune disorders are important to identify as this is essentially when the body is attacking itself.  Dr. Vernino explains what autoimmune autonomic ganglionopathy (AAG) is, what is does to the body, and how it can be identified.  One of the treatments used for AAG is called plasma exchange where the blood is taken out, a machine is used to take out the antibodies, and the clean blood is infused.  This treatment is not a cure, but it can be beneficial for patients. 

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