Featured Video of the Week: Autonomic Medicine in Cardiology

The Featured Video of the Week this week features Dr. Howard Snapper speaking on the topic of Autonomic Medicine in Cardiology.  Dr. Snapper has been practicing in the autonomic medicine field for about 10 years.  Dr. Snappers explains that explains that patients ending up in the emergency room due to cardiac episodes related to the autonomic nervous system typically have to search for answers as the cardiac tests show that things are normal – leading to a diagnosis of “just” anxiety.  Dr. Snapper has his patients fill out a questionnaire upon their first appointment that covers multiple systems in the body and possible symptoms that they may have.  He explains that none of this is truly taught in medical schools.  He explains when asking questions about symptoms in other body systems, it can help lead to a diagnosis of dysautonomia.  Click on the button below to learn more! 

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