Featured Video of the Week: Managing Syncope & What to Say to Patients

This week’s Featured Video of the Week focuses on the topic of Managing Syncope and What to Say to Patients with Dr. Satish Raj.  Dr. Raj explains that different forms of syncope have different treatments, and it’s not fun to faint.  He explains that as a patient, it’s important to be patient.  Education to prevent future fainting episodes is also helpful – staying hydrated is important as it increases blood volume.  He asks patients to drink 3 liters of water per day, which is a lot but not impossible.  In addition to this, he also will ask patients to increase their salt intake which helps the kidneys hold onto the water that is consumed throughout the day.  When one feels a fainting episode coming on, laying down on the ground helps the blood come back to the heart and reverses the reflex that is taking place; this also helps decrease the risk of injury.  Want to hear more from Dr. Raj?  Click on the link below to watch the interview! 

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