Featured Video of the Week: Syncope in Pediatrics

This week’s Featured Video of the Week with Dr. Julian Stewart focuses on syncope in pediatrics.  Dr. Stewart is based out of New York Medical College, was trained as a pediatric cardiologist, and has been aware of syncope for a number of years.  He thoroughly explains what syncope is and emphasizes that syncope “goes away”.  Dr. Stewart explains that tilt-table testing is effective because it keeps one from moving their feet around, however it is important to use other tools to gain accurate testing in addition to just a tilt-table test.  There are multiple forms of fainting such as neurocardiogenic syncope, orthostatic hypotension, reflex syncope and vasovagal syncope.  It is important to listen to a patient’s history and the characteristics of their syncope episodes to diagnose effectively.  Find out more by clicking the link below and watching the interview!  

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