Our Team

Our team is dedicated to helping healthcare professionals, patients and communities learn about dysautonomia. We are extremely grateful for all that they do! 

Jennifer Walsh headshot
Director of Development

Jennifer Walsh

With 8 years of experience in fundraising and other events, Jennifer took on the role of Administrator in June of 2018, moving to Director of Development in January of 2019. She is a proud member of the TDP Team and loves to continue our mission on educating others on dysautonomia. She thoroughly enjoys planning events, such as the 5K and annual fall fundraiser, along with attending conferences throughout Florida and the US. Her drive for educating others about dysautonomia started with her friendship with Christina Tournant, whom the 5K is held in memory for. By educating others, and sending out copies of The Dysautonomia Project book during the 615 Book Promotions, she hopes to help healthcare professionals understand more about dysautonomia.

Director of Education

Cheryl Faber

Cheryl became involved with The Dysautonomia Project in 2015 while a part-time employee at Network People, Nate and Kelly's Information Technology company. As Kelly's health continued to decline and The Dysautonomia Project continued to gain momentum, the board realized the nonprofit needed administrative support to manage the growing organization. To this day, Cheryl continues to work for Network People and also provides administrative and bookkeeping oversite for TDP. Over the years, she has gained an awareness of how life-altering dysautonomia symptoms can be, how much patients struggle and feel helpless, and why education is so critical. Cheryl is deeply passionate about helping fulfill TDP's mission to educate healthcare professionals, patients and the community about dysautonomia, and is personally involved in taking this education into local school districts. She has witnessed first-hand the impact that dysautonomia has had on her precious friend Kelly, and on many other patients she has been blessed to meet. As a result, Cheryl is deeply committed to TDP and helping the organization do whatever it takes to provide hope to those who suffer from autonomic nervous system disorders.

Cheryl Faber headshot
Amy Wright headshot
Social Media Coordinator

Amy Wright

Amy has a passion for education, writing, public speaking and advocating for the chronically ill. Her dream is to be able to bring physical fitness to the senior citizens and chronically ill. Amy became very ill in the summer of 2017. With the encouragement of her friend, Kelly Freeman, she was directed to a physician and was diagnosed with POTS. Along with a 20+ year background in health care (long-term/rehabilitation), Amy has a degree in Health Information Technology, with specialty certifications in risk management, healthcare privacy and security and medical coding and is a Certified Natural Health Consultant and Nutritional Therapist. She ran her own consulting business for many years before accepting the position of VP of Health Information Services at a consultancy in 2014, focusing mainly on compliance, education and informatics. She is currently a proud member of the TDP team and encourages engagement on our social media platforms.

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