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Dysautonomia (Dis-auto-NO-mia) is a general term used to describe any disorder of the autonomic (or automatic nervous) system.

What We Do

MISSION: To educate physicians, patients, and others about dysautonomia (autonomic nervous system disorders).

VISION: To reduce the time to diagnosis by providing education about dysautonomia for community-based physicians, patients and others through our book, CMEs and other educational offerings.

10 YEAR VISION: To provide 100,000 physicians globally with education about dysautonomia.


  1. Selflessness through giving of time, talent and treasures.
  2. Share accurate, relevant and up to date information about Dysautonomia.
  3. Simplify the Dysautonomia message and make it easy to access and easier to understand.



  • The Dysautonomia Project Free Membership
  • The Dysautonomia Project Ongoing Educational Campaign through Social Media including:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google +
    • Vimeo
  • Annual Dysautonomia Public Awareness Activities each October
  • Fundraising to Create, Improve and Support Educational activities and build scholarship funds to subsidize physician education and/or patient access to approved diagnostic or treatment services.
  • Connecting members with other reputable Dysautonomia organization members such as The Dysautonomia Information Network, The Dysautonomia Foundation, The American Autonomic Society, the National Dysautonomia Research Fund (NDRF) among others.

Fainting is the body’s quickest way to deliver oxygenated blood to your brain.


Centralized Resources

We provide web resources to help patients and physicians gain the awareness and knowledge they need to help improve quality of life.

Online Community

The Dysautonomia Project website provide’s users with a rapidly growing online community for sharing information and to share your story.


Our book is an introduction to disorders of the autonomic nervous system to help facilitate dialogue concerning Dysautonomia.

Volunteer Services

We have many volunteer opportunities to further the interest of raising Dysautonomia awareness & improving quality of lives.

Our Story

The project that started out as a quest to find answers for personal health issues has gradually grown into a global vision to speed the time to diagnosis for patients in all major communities through a grass roots effort to educate physicians, patients, other healthcare practitioners and community leaders about Dysautonomia.

  • Raising Awareness 80%
  • Promoting Dialogue 60%
  • Education 50%
  • Improving Quality of Lives 90%

The Dysautonomia Project, Inc. is a Not for Profit 501 (c)(3) organization operated entirely by volunteer physicians, patients and community leaders who generously donate their time. The Dysautonomia Project has no alliance, association or conflict of interest with any pharmaceutical, medical or other for profit organization. The board of directors provides overall governance for the organization, including oversight, planning, fundraising and special events.

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