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The Dysautonomia Project is the global leader in dysautonomia education with a mission to educate patients, healthcare providers, and communities.

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Dysautonomia is an umbrella term used to describe any disorder of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS regulates functions that are automatic in nature such as heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, perspiration, temperature regulation, pupil dilation, circulation, and respiration among others. 

More than 70 million people worldwide are affected by dysautonomia

The Dysautonomia Project was founded by a patient for patients and providers because

Education is the #1 Treatment

Kelly Freeman, Founder

The Dysautonomia Project was founded by a patient

for patients and providers because

Education is the #1 Treatment

Kelly Freeman, Founder

Our Top Initiatives

Patient Assessment

This free, educational assessment allows undiagnosed patients to screen their symptoms to determine if they have a higher or lower risk for an autonomic disorder and diagnosed patients to track their symptoms. Patients can print a report that summarizes their symptoms and take it to their provider. We encourage individuals to repeat this assessment in the future to identify trends in health by saving a copy of this assessment report, and review the results with your health care provider.

Get a Book

The Dysautonomia Project book has reached around the world as a much-needed tool for providers, patients or caregivers looking to arm themselves with the power of knowledge. 

"I highly recommend this book to not only patients but physicians as well!"

"This book has helped my doctors feel empowered to treat me and recognize other patients who are similarly affected. It helped educate my own family too."

"If you are like me and have been pushing in hard for many years or maybe not so many years...for a diagnosis and just want more information on Dysautonomia conditions then this is the book for you!"

"Truly amazing book, an insight into Dysautonomia, informative and educational for both the patient, family and clinicians."

"Excellent book, on many levels, it helped with understanding links with gastroparesis and hypermobility amongst many other things."

"Very informative. The side of the page which is meant for medical professionals is still very readable for patients and provides all the useful info. Great if you've just been diagnosed or to take along to show your doctor."

"Great book with clear format for both patient and doctor. Lots of information, easy to understand."

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