The Dysautonomia Project

The Dysautonomia Project is a not-for-profit collaborative effort of hundreds of volunteer physicians, patients, and community leaders. Our aim is to bridge the wide knowledge gap between community-based physicians and decades of validated clinical research about Dysautonomia.

The 2019 615 Newsletter is Here!

We are excited to announce that the 615 Newsletter is here! 

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Our Mission

To educate healthcare professionals, patients and communities about dysautonomia.

Join the fight to reduce time to diagnosis from 6 years to 15 minutes.

Our Book

Our Founding Director, Kelly Freeman, co-authored our educational book about dysautonomia for both physicians and patients.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us any time!


Phone: (727) 304-1547


Because we are a not-for-profit organization, we solely operate on your donations. Help us continue our mission to educate community-based doctors, patients, and our community!


We are so appreciative of all of your efforts in supporting us and our mission!