About Us

Our mission is to educate healthcare professionals, patients and communities about dysautonomia.

Established in 2014, The Dysautonomia Project is based in Clearwater, Florida. We were developed by physicians and patients, for physicians and patients.


What is Dysautonomia?

Dysautonomia (Dis-auto-NO-mia) is a general term used to describe any disorder of the autonomic (automatic) nervous system.


Our vision is to reduce the time to diagnosis by providing education about dysautonomia for community-based physicians, patients and others through our book, CME's, and other educational offerings.



  1. Selflessness through giving of time, talent, and treasures.

  2. Share accurate, relevant and up to date information about Dysautonomia.

  3. Simplify the Dysautonomia message, make it easy to access, and easier to understand.

Our Founders

Kelly Freeman, the Founding Director of The Dysautonomia Project and co-author of The Dysautonomia Project Book, holds an objective in line with TDP’s. Kelly, a dysautonomia patient herself, aims to transform the care of patients with dysautonomia through the education of healthcare professionals, patients, and community leaders with the mission of speeding time to diagnosis, proper assessment, and treatment of patients in community-based clinics and hospital settings around the world.

Nate Freeman is the co-founder of both The Dysautonomia Project and his company Network People. Nate holds a strong desire for educating the medical community about Dysautonomia because his wife, Kelly Freeman, is a Dysautonomia patient. After watching his wife, and his family struggle for so long to find an answer, Nate knew he had to create something to raise awareness and education in his own community. With the help of his wife, The Dysautonomia Project was born.

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Our Work

Education is the number one treatment and the heart of our mission. Through our award-winning book: The Dysautonomia Project, thousands of patients and their families have been validated and educated. Doctors are receiving vital information not covered in medical schools, enabling them to diagnose and treat patients.


We have had amazing opportunities in the last few years including:

Continuing Our Mission

  • We have gone to University of Tampa to give a presentation on dysautonomia to an FNP class each semester.
  • We developed a partnership with Largo Medical Center to train hundreds of doctors in our community.
  • We have trained 360 Hillsborough County School nurses
  • We have continuously attended healthcare professional conferences and have educated the attendees on dysautonomia.

Distributing Our Books

  • We have distributed more than 5,000 books to physicians alone.
  • Our book is sold almost every day on Amazon and our website to physicians, patients and communities all over the world!
  • Thus far, we have sold over 15,000 books world-wide.

Expanding Our Community

  • We have been featured twice on WFTS-ABC's Positively Tampa Bay.
  • We were named a finalist in WEDU's Be More Awards, recognizing outstanding non-profits.
  • We have united more than 400 participants at our Pi Day 5K in memory of Christina Tournant.
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