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The Dysautonomia Project collaborates with the American Autonomic Society and is committed to sharing accurate, science-based information about autonomic nervous system disorders to make it easier for providers to diagnose and treat patients and educate their staff. 

Resources for Providers

Learn more about autonomic disorders and share these resources with your staff, colleagues, and patients. 


An estimated 70 million people have autonomic disorders.

Most providers receive fewer than 2 hours of training on autonomic disorders in medical school.

Fewer than 150 providers in the US are trained to diagnose and treat autonomic disorders.

There are only 62 UCNS board certified autonomic specialists in the world.

Why Collaborate with TDP

The Dysautonomia Project is well-acquainted with the challenges providers and their patients with autonomic disorders face. It’s why we exist. Since 2014 we’ve worked directly with top autonomic specialists in the world to bridge the knowledge gap between what they know and what community providers and patients need to know. 

This book is truly excellent. It is probably the best handbook ever attempted [on] autonomic disorder. I know this has been a labor of love, and one that will help countless individuals. 

-David Robertson, MD
Vanderbilt University 

This book serves a critical role for both patients and doctors in revealing some of the apparent mysteries of autonomic disorders. It fills an important need in the initial recognition and diagnosis of these often “invisible illnesses,” which is the first, essential step in helping patients get better care. 

-Satish Raj, MD, MSCI, FACC
Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta, Canada

This book is an impressive, thorough compilation of information that will be invaluable to patients and doctors. I’ll put it, no, chain it down in my waiting room with instruction on how patients can order it on their own.

-Alan Pocinki, MD, FACP
George Washington University

Help TDP and the American Autonomic Society Educate Medical Residents

Support The Residents Course

A groundbreaking, intensive three-day course in autonomic medicine for 2nd year and higher medical residents specializing in cardiology, family practice, gastroenterology, internal medicine, neurology, and pediatrics.

“I’m excited for the opportunity the course will bring to the autonomic medicine community nationally.”

Glen Cook, MD

Director of the Autonomic Disorders Clinic, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center


The Dysautonomia Project: Understanding Autonomic Nervous System Disorders was written by our founder, Kelly Freeman, M.S.M., and two physicians, David Goldstein, M.D., Ph.D., and Charles R. Thompson, M.D. The chapters are unique. Each topic covered includes a section for patients and one for physicians. More than 20,000 books have been distributed throughout the United States and in many other countries. The Dysautonomia Project book is an introduction to autonomic disorders for providers and their patients.

Principles of Autonomic Medicine is a free, online medical text written by David S. Goldstein, M.D., Ph.D. It’s the text for the UCNS board certification in autonomic disorders.


Free online education is at the heart of our mission. As TDP grows, so does our library of online video courses for providers and patients.  Providers can access courses taught by leading experts in autonomic medicine and apply that knowledge to diagnosing and treating patients with autonomic disorders. Patients have access to information about diagnosing, treating, and living with autonomic disorders, which empowers them to manage and advocate for their own healthcare.  This includes a one-hour patient education course.

Courses we offer:


Share what you’re learning about autonomic disorders 

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Autonomic Disorder Assessment:

Share this assessment with your patients.  You can use the assessment to screen undiagnosed patients and summarize symptoms for diagnosed patients.  The patient can even take the assessment while they wait for you in the clinic.  They will be emailed the report which can be shared with you to speed the time it takes in the clinic to discuss new symptoms.  Repeat use of the assessment is a great way to see trends in symptoms by organ system over time.


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Education is the #1 treatment which is why it’s our primary focus. We’re committed to sharing accurate, science-based information and getting it into the hands of those who need it most. Help us spread the word and discover ways to support our mission.

The AAS is a community that brings together individuals from diverse disciplines who share an interest in the structure and function of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and in pathology, treatment, and prevention of disorders of the ANS.

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Get a Book

The Dysautonomia Project book has reached around the world as a much-needed tool for providers, patients or caregivers looking to arm themselves with the power of knowledge. 

"I highly recommend this book to not only patients but physicians as well!"

"This book has helped my doctors feel empowered to treat me and recognize other patients who are similarly affected. It helped educate my own family too."

"If you are like me and have been pushing in hard for many years or maybe not so many years...for a diagnosis and just want more information on Dysautonomia conditions then this is the book for you!"

"Truly amazing book, an insight into Dysautonomia, informative and educational for both the patient, family and clinicians."

"Excellent book, on many levels, it helped with understanding links with gastroparesis and hypermobility amongst many other things."

"Very informative. The side of the page which is meant for medical professionals is still very readable for patients and provides all the useful info. Great if you've just been diagnosed or to take along to show your doctor."

"Great book with clear format for both patient and doctor. Lots of information, easy to understand."