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We’re in DYS together

With your help, we’re building a bridge of hope for patients and their families whose lives have been upended by this little known, but widely prevalent, condition.

We’re not just providing education.

We’re changing lives.

We are the global leader in DYS education.

This is How We Do It

A Groundbreaking Course

The biggest problem in autonomic medicine today is the lack of knowledge about dysautonomia in communities and especially community-based healthcare professionals. Most patients see between 5 and 20 doctors before receiving an accurate diagnosis. It’s that gap between autonomic specialists and community-based doctors that led TDP and the American Autonomic Society to the creation of The Residents Course. This is an intensive course in autonomic medicine for medical residents specializing in internal medicine, family practice, neurology, and pediatrics. These young doctors return to their residency programs to train their peers to recognize autonomic disorders. This will exponentially increase the number of providers who are trained and know about autonomic disorders. 

The Dysautonomia Project Book

The Definitive Guide

The Dysautonomia Project was written by a patient and physicians for patients and physicians. More than 20,000 books have been distributed throughout the United States and in many other countries.  The chapters are unique. Each topic covered includes a section for patients and one for physicians. This book initiates dialogue in clinical and hospital settings and most importantly encourages more accurate assessment and treatment of dysautonomia patients. 

When a patient can’t buy a book, you can help us make sure they receive one.

TDP & AAS Online Video Courses

Global Reach

Free online education is at the heart of our mission. As TDP grows, so does our library of online video courses for providers and patients.  Providers can access courses taught by leading experts in autonomic medicine and apply that knowledge to diagnosing and treating patients with autonomic disorders. Patients have access to information about diagnosing, treating, and living with autonomic disorders, which empowers them to manage and advocate for their own healthcare. 


Patient & Caregiver Education

DysCourse if a FREE, special patient and caregiver educational event aimed at providing tools for managing autonomic disordersThis event is offered both in person and virtually, allowing patients around the world to access life-saving information and resources. 

Community Education Programs

Feet on the Ground

TDP reaches communities across America through in-person education. From national conferences to local clinics, nursing schools to school systems, the power of education is proving to significantly lower the time to diagnosis.

Make a donation by check or mail?

To donate by check, please complete this donation form by printing and mailing to: The Dysautonomia Project 4592 Ulmerton Road #104 Clearwater, FL 33762

Leadership Circle

TDP’s Leadership Circle recognizes donors who fuel our mission with lifetime giving or pledge of $5,000 or more of vital support that brings hope to dysautonomia patients around the world.
To find out more about how you can join, please contact Ashleigh Goforth at 727-222-4626 or ashleigh@dysproject.org.


Crown Automotive Charities / Hawkins Family Foundation


Judy and Robert Cottrell

Ellen and Randy Crisorio

Karen Crown

MidAtlantic Finance Company

The Tampa Bay Trust Company

Network People

Wendy and John Thomas

Tag Agency of Pinellas/ Dealers Auction Xchange


Kathy and Robert Boos/ Boos Development Group, Inc.

Maria and Matt Loder/ Crabby Bill’s Family Brands 

Stacey and Ryan Buckley

The Ronald & Joyce Wanek Foundation

Kiersten and Dalas Lamberson

Karla and Ben Mallah

Merit Electric Co., Inc.

Pendry Residences Tampa

Ann and Carlton Ward


Valerie and Jeff Anderson

Andrew J. Holloman DDS & Associates

Tava Wilson and Ted Barac

Vanessa Lucarella and James Carreiro

John F. Cottrell

Stephanie and Blake Doganiero

Joanne and Bill Edwards

Trey Engelke

Sarah and David Faulkner

Chris T. Sullivan Foundation

The Doyle Foundation, Inc./ The Pelican Golf Club

Focardi-Great Bay Foundation

Pinellas Community Foundation

Herbert G. Brown Family Foundation

Kelly and Nate Freeman

Metro Development Group

Dr. and Mrs. David Hemerick

Jamie Prince and Brad Hopkins

Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

HCA Florida Largo Hospital

Summer and Jason Jensen/ Wannemacher Jensen Architects

Alexandra and Jonathan Key

Joan and Mike* Kline 

Peggy and Keith Leclerc/ International Diamond Center

Jim and Melissa Myers

Straighten Up Orthodontics

Third Lake Partners

David Phillips

BJ Spoto-Russell and Donald Russell

Jessica and Travis Ward/ T Ward Enterprises

Karla and Russell Wurr


ALLPRO Corporation

Megan and John Anderson

Comerica Bank

Biopsy Sciences, LLC

Tom Blake

Brown & Brown Insurance

Cindy and Carl von dem Bussche

Tiffany and Larry Caccitore

Bette and Bill* Crown

DeLene and Bob* Crown

Marsha and Jim Emanuel

Kim and Raymond Ferrara 

Chris Foley

Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Taunya Haire

Marleen and Terry Hawkins

Susie and Robert Jinks

Mary Lee and Peter Jones

Terri and Jack Kirkland

Debbie and Joe Lamphier

Love IV Lawrence

Shirley I. Long

Jennifer Maniscalco

Lynn and Tom Matters

Marli and Mark Lutz

CBIZ & Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C. 

Macfarlane Ferguson & McMullen

Merrill Lynch Private Wealth – The Valdes Group

Kelly and Thomas Nash


Carla and Greg Powers

Quality Boats

Sonia Raymund

Susan Rolston

Smith-Doyle Contractors, Inc.

Tom Strickland*  

Greg Tournant 

Linda and Stewart Turley 

Randy Ware and the team from WestCMR

Wells Fargo Advisors

Heather Whitlock

Joseph M. Williams

* Deceased

Recognizes donors who have supported us from our inception in 2014

Become a Corporate Sponsor

There are many exciting ways to support TDP as a Corporate Sponsor. From our exclusive Under the Umbrella Gala to our Pi Day Give Day, we offer many unique marketing opportunities for your corporation that help bring hope to patients everywhere. To learn more about becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact Ashleigh Goforth at 727-222-4626 or ashleigh@dysproject.org.

The Karen Crown Legacy Society

The Karen Crown Legacy Societywas established in honor of Karen Crown, mother of TDP’s Founding Director, Kelly Freeman. Karen’s love and commitment to seeing Kelly through some of the most difficult times in her life is an inspiring example that TDP believes motivates others to give back through this giving program.  

When you join the Karen Crown Legacy Societyyou are giving hope to patients who are so often told there is nothing wrong with them physically because “it’s all in your head”. With your support, we can change this. The Dysautonomia Project can help you design a plan to leave a lasting impact for patients and their families. 

To learn more about leaving a lasting impact, please contact Ashleigh Goforth at 727-222-4626 or ashleigh@dysproject.org. 

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Get a Book

The Dysautonomia Project book has reached around the world as a much-needed tool for providers, patients or caregivers looking to arm themselves with the power of knowledge. 

"I highly recommend this book to not only patients but physicians as well!"

"This book has helped my doctors feel empowered to treat me and recognize other patients who are similarly affected. It helped educate my own family too."

"If you are like me and have been pushing in hard for many years or maybe not so many years...for a diagnosis and just want more information on Dysautonomia conditions then this is the book for you!"

"Truly amazing book, an insight into Dysautonomia, informative and educational for both the patient, family and clinicians."

"Excellent book, on many levels, it helped with understanding links with gastroparesis and hypermobility amongst many other things."

"Very informative. The side of the page which is meant for medical professionals is still very readable for patients and provides all the useful info. Great if you've just been diagnosed or to take along to show your doctor."

"Great book with clear format for both patient and doctor. Lots of information, easy to understand."