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We’re all affected by DYS

Dysautonomia is one of the most misdiagnosed conditions of all time. That’s why our mission is solely focused on education. A little knowledge goes a long way toward helping patients get diagnosed and find providers who can treat them. Your involvement can bring hope and change a life.

Ways You Can Get Involved and Support Our Mission

TDP Annual Events

Our Premier Fundraising Event

Each year our community comes together in support of TDP’s mission at the Under the Umbrella Gala.  This premier Tampa Bay event serves as TDP’s primary fundraiser, including many ways for individuals and corporations to partner in propelling our mission forward.   

The event’s name, Under the Umbrella, refers to dysautonomia being an umbrella term for the many forms of autonomic dysfunction.  Gala sponsorships are the greatest complement to our mission, offering unique, high-profile opportunities. For more information and customized packages, please contact TDP Director of Development Marli Lutz at 

Pi Day Give Day

For two weeks in March, TDP hosts Pi Day Give Day in memory of Christina Tournant.  As a tribute to Christina’s love of math and favorite day of the year, we remember her extraordinary life and tragic medical journey that left her desperate and debilitated. Remembering her journey is the best reminder that education is the #1 treatment for dysautonomia, as it brings hope to others fighting the same battle.


Education For Patients

DysCourse is a special patient and caregiver education event aimed at providing tools for managing autonomic disorders. This event is offered virtually, allowing patients around the world to access life-saving information and resources.

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Get a Book

The Dysautonomia Project book has reached around the world as a much-needed tool for providers, patients or caregivers looking to arm themselves with the power of knowledge. 

"I highly recommend this book to not only patients but physicians as well!"

"This book has helped my doctors feel empowered to treat me and recognize other patients who are similarly affected. It helped educate my own family too."

"If you are like me and have been pushing in hard for many years or maybe not so many years...for a diagnosis and just want more information on Dysautonomia conditions then this is the book for you!"

"Truly amazing book, an insight into Dysautonomia, informative and educational for both the patient, family and clinicians."

"Excellent book, on many levels, it helped with understanding links with gastroparesis and hypermobility amongst many other things."

"Very informative. The side of the page which is meant for medical professionals is still very readable for patients and provides all the useful info. Great if you've just been diagnosed or to take along to show your doctor."

"Great book with clear format for both patient and doctor. Lots of information, easy to understand."