Pi Day Give Day is an annual day of giving held on March 14 of each year in honor of dysautonomia patient, Christina Tournant. Christina was a vibrant young woman who fought a long battle with dysautonomia. Christina spent years being told it was “all in her head” by the medical community. Left unvalidated and hopeless, she tragically took her own life. If the medical community had been educated about autonomic disorders and validated her illness, she may have had hope.  

Christina’s mother, Tava Wilson, shares this message: “It’s too late for me to help Christina, but I’m committed to helping other patients who are suffering in any way I am able. This is why The Dysautonomia Project’s mission to educate healthcare professionals, patients and communities about dysautonomia is so important. Pi Day was selected as the date to honor Christina’s incredible life because of her love of math. She once told me Pi Day was her favorite day of the year. It was also the day, in 2014, that the official announcement was made that she would be the valedictorian of her high school class. In 2017, we started a 5K on Pi Day to honor Christina’s life and raise awareness and funding for TDP. That Pi Day 5K is now the Pi Day Give Day, and the funds raised help support DysCourse, a patient and family education event.”

We hope you will join us to support TDP in Christina’s memory, and in honor of the millions of individuals fighting the same uphill battle, desperately searching for answers to the debilitating symptoms they face every day.

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