The American Autonomic Society and The Dysautonomia Project are proud to present The Residents Course: An intensive three-day course in autonomic medicine for 2nd year medical residents specializing in internal medicine, family practice, neurology, cardiology, and pediatrics. 

The next Residents Course will be held January 31 – February 3, 2024.

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A word from the director of The Residents Course for patients and providers.

Dr. Glen A. Cook, Jr., M.D.

Educating Doctors. Bringing Hope to Patients.

When TDP’s Founding Director and author of The Dysautonomia Project book, Kelly Freeman, approached the AAS Education Committee Chair, Dr. Glen Cook, about how to best educate the medical community in autonomic medicine, he recommended employing the Penry Residents Epilepsy Program model to create a mini fellowship in autonomic medicine for residents. Launched in 1986, the Penry Residents Epilepsy Program has provided epilepsy training to approximately 25% of U.S. neurologists practicing today.  

This was the conception of The Residents Course. The goal of the Residents Course is to increase the number of primary care and specialty physicians who diagnose and treat disorders of the autonomic nervous system. Thirty-six medical residents will come to Florida each year to learn from some of the top board-certified autonomic specialists in the world. Those residents will return to their residency programs to educate their peers. This will exponentially increase the number of doctors who can identify autonomic disorders.

The AAS was established to bring together individuals from diverse disciplines who share an interest in the structure and function of the autonomic nervous system and in the pathology, treatment, and prevention of autonomic disorders. AAS provides the faculty and evidence-based content for The Residents Course. 

TDP was established to educate healthcare professionals, patients, and communities about disorders of the autonomic nervous system. TDP provides funding and administration for The Residents Course. 

Support The Residents Course

This course is completely funded by The Dysautonomia Project.  

 $5,000 funds one resident for the fellowship or designate a smaller donation for the course. 

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