The Dysautonomia Universe

Dysautonomia is not one diagnosis but is a constellation of diagnoses that fall somewhere on the spectrum we call, “The Dysautonomia Universe.”  The dysautonomia universe categorizes dysautonomias according to age group.

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Why Are Dysautonomias Hard?

In this video Dr. Goldstein explains why autonomic medicine is not well understood in medicine today and addresses important aspects of autonomic medicine which are unique from other subspecialties.

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How the Autonomic Nervous System Works

The nervous system of the body is by far the least understood of all body systems. It is made up of an overwhelmingly complex network of neurons electrically charged and dynamically changed by a vast number of chemical messengers produced in places all over the body. 

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The ANS and Chemical Messengers

One of the most powerful chemical messengers of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) is adrenaline, also known in scientific communities as epinephrine. When called upon, this formidable chemical courses throughout the body via the bloodstream.

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