Top 10 Non Pharmacological Treatments

Several non-pharmacological treatments are used to help patients with dysautonomia. Although these treatments do not involve medicine, patients should discuss the use of such therapies with their providers as part of the treatment plan.

Top 10 Non-Pharmacological Treatments

Treatment Helps with Notes
Patient being the advocate for his or her own care over time results in improvements in overall health. Selecting the right provider to work with in managing your case is essential.
Don’t just show up for appointments and expect your doctor to have all the answers. Engage in a two-way discussion.
Confidence, vascular tone, large muscle strength, and release of pain fighting endorphins
Must adjust for specific patient needs. Ideal to work with physical therapist to start. Very gradually build intensity.  Is important for patients to “start low and go slow.
Prevents dehydration and can create a helpful pressor effect.
Target 2-4 liters per day, not all water. It is important to include fluids with electrolytes such as Nuun tablets, Banana Bag Oral Solution, Liquid IV, Normalyte, etc.
An essential electrolyte, which helps with nervous system function and effects blood pressure.
Up to 10 grams daily in moderate to low hypotensive patients.
Counter Maneuvers
Act as a back-up heart, pumping blood that has pooled back into circulation.
A common sign of patients with dysautonomia. Examples include pumping legs, crossing legs, and/or moving while standing.
Eat several small meals throughout the day to maintain glucose levels and prevent postprandial hypotension.
Some patients report an improvement in symptoms with a gluten free and/or low FODMAP diet.
Compression Garments
These prevent pooling of blood in Splanchnic bed and lower extremities.
Mid-thigh shaper Spanx™ known to increase systolic blood pressure by 10-15 mmHg in some patients.
Good Sleep Hygiene
Restorative sleep. Healing of the body and minimizes stress. Avoid stimulating activities 30 minutes prior to sleep.
Discuss any sleep issues with your physician.
Dietary Supplements
Vitamin supplementation can be especially important when essential vitamin levels are deficient. Vitamins B-12 and Vitamin D are sometimes low in patients with dysautonomia.
Recommend discussing any dietary supplements with your physician.
Cranio-Sacral/Manual Therapy
Increasing relaxation and reducing stress with a light touch therapy in regions of the spinal cord associated with parasympathetic nerves.
Some evidence that heart rate variability may improve. More research is needed.

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